Report: Cross-Border Payments Will Drive Your Growth

Cross-border ecommerce is more popular than ever before.

According to the Nielsen Company, it will grow to USD 307 billion in 2018 across six key markets (the US, the UK, Germany, Brazil, China, and Australia), up from USD 105 billion in 2013.

The opportunity is huge, but in a highly fragmented global landscape, how can businesses optimize online cross-border payments for international expansion?

Adyen commissioned Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC), an independent global financial services and payments consultancy, to investigate how leading companies are optimizing cross-border payments.

EDC conducted in-depth interviews with Adyen merchants including Evernote, Inditex, and Spotify, and analyzed over 20 million cross-border transactions processed through the Adyen payment platform to publish the findings in a new white paper – Cross-Border Payments: Opportunities and Best Practices for Going Global.

In the report, you will find:

  • In which markets shoppers are most open to making purchases from international e-commerce sites, and in which markets merchants are most successful at exporting digital and physical goods. 
  • Practical advice on which markets to target depending on your business type and situation, and whether it is advisable to set up a local merchant entity.
  • Best practices to optimize cross-border payments, including factors to consider in choosing local payment methods, and how to maximize approval rates, optimize fraud management, and streamline back-office operations.
  • Key steps to international online expansion, how to set up the payments function and KPI’s.

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