October 2015 scheme and interchange updates

Changes to Visa and MasterCard interchange rates, and updates to Visa Europe and Visa Inc.'s floor limits.

Reminder: The EU Interchange Cap 

The EU Interchange Cap for consumer credit and debit cards comes into force on December 9, 2015. For more details, please see our previous posts on the topic: Europe interchange fees cap

Why we are sharing this information

Adyen operates on an Interchange++ pricing model for cards. A key advantage of this approach is transparency, as it enables merchants to see exactly what they are paying for, right down to an individual transaction level if necessary.

MasterCard and Visa October 2015 Interchange fee updates

In accordance with the latest Visa and MasterCard Release changes introduced from 16th October 2015, a new business interchange fee range (known as business tier 4) of 2.70% + $0.10 will be applied to regular e-commerce transactions in the US for cards with an annual spend over $100,000.

Also, Adyen will support the new MasterCard Instant Debit Cards (issued as World MasterCard Black). 

Visa Europe updates floor limit for Point-of-Sale transactions

Effective as of 16th October 2015, the floor limits (the transaction value above which the merchant's POS terminal requests online approval) for Visa Europe will be revised to zero, with exceptions for specific UAT chip transaction types (which have floor limits of EUR 40). 

For contactless transactions there are country-specific floor limits of EUR 20 or the local currency equivalent (e.g. GBP 15 in the United Kingdom). 

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