New Visa pricing in Europe

Visa pricing will change in April 2018. Domestic acquiring will save you money.

Visa has announced several changes to its scheme fee pricing in Europe, which will apply as of April 2018.

These changes follow the acquisition of Visa Europe by Visa Inc to standardize fees across all regions. Earlier this year, Visa removed volume based pricing discounts for European acquirers levelling the field across Europe.

Visa pricing changes will come into effect from April 2018 and are as follows:

  • As well as domestic and interregional pricing, there will be a new pricing level for intra-European transactions.
  • There will be a new fixed authorization attempt fee for all transactions.
  • There will be an increase of clearing and settlement fees for all transactions.
  • Visa will phase in an increase to interregional card-not-present fees in April 2018, April 2019 and April 2020.
  • Visa will remove percentage-based pricing for domestic and intra-european card present transactions.

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What does the new Visa pricing mean for you?

The impact of Visa's new pricing will depend on your average transaction value (ATV) and your regional transaction split. Let's break it down:

  • If you have a low ATV, Visa's new fixed fees will have quite a high impact. And if you're doing a high number of retries and account validations, your fees will increase.
  • If you process significant intra-european and interregional transactions your fees will increase.
  • If you perform a high number of refunds and/or cancellations your fees will increase.
  • If you have a high ATV and process domestically, your fees may decrease from April 2018. This is because of the removal of certain percentage pricing components.

As you can see in the tables below, scheme fee pricing will vary for settled transactions depending on ATV, region and typle of card. This will apply from April 2018.

Card not present   €10 €50 €100
Domestic Credit -12% -34% -43%
  Debit -8% -27% -35%
Intra-European Credit 71% 9% -16%
  Debit 78% 21% -4%
Inter-regional Credit 89% 43% 34%
  Debit 90% 44% 34%


Card present   €10 €50 €100
Domestic Credit -13% -45% -63%
  Debit -9% -37% -54%
Intra-European Credit 79% 12% -24%
  Debit 87% 29% -7%
Inter-regional Credit 82% 23% 11%
  Debit 83% 24% 12%


Save money with domestic acquiring

You can reduce the impact of these changes by processing transactions domestically. Adyen has domestic acquiring licenses in Europe, the U.S., Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. This makes it easy to process at a local level in every market that you have a presence.

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We worry about scheme fees so you don’t have to

We will keep you informed about any changes that will affect you. Our dedicated team monitors rates and regulations to ensure you get the best deal. 

Transparency is central to everything we do at Adyen. Which is why you are always billed using Interchange++, so you see exactly what you’re being charged. And any savings we make for you, are passed on at no extra cost.

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