Just released - our new Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge

Start accepting payments faster with our Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge 22.1.0.

Adyen’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge (SFCC) makes it easier for Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to start accepting payments.

We’ve just released a new version to help users deliver seamless authentication that drives conversion. It’s also a fast-track way to access the full capabilities of Adyen, like acquiring, risk management, smart authentication, Unified Commerce, recurring payments, and many local and global payment methods.

Marcel Douma, Salesforce Architect at Wunderman Thompson, shared that the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge let them cut “implementation time down from one week to four hours,” allowing businesses to begin receiving payments much faster.

The cartridge works with default Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefronts, which users can customize and adapt to their preferred storefront.

What’s new, specifically?

Here’s a rundown of all the new features available with Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge 22.1.0:


This new feature sets businesses up for innovation. It’s closely aligned with Adyen’s development principles for online payments, making it far easier for Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to add payment methods and ship new features and updates.

Compatibility with Salesforce Order Management

Increase compatibility across the Salesforce product suite. Adyen’s payments integration and the Salesforce Order Management (SOM) are now seamlessly compatible. With this new version, Salesforce Commerce Cloud syncs all payment information, whatever the payment method, with the SOM.

More payment methods

Let customers pay the way they prefer. Add out-of-the-box global and local payment methods with no additional configuration needed.

We’re always growing our payment method offering to help businesses expand into new and existing markets. Our latest payment method additions with this new release include Konbini, BLIK, PaySafeCard, DANA, and TWINT. Or see the full list of payment methods offered here.

Native 3D Secure flow

No more redirects for issuer authentication. Customers can authenticate themselves without leaving the site, making the experience even more seamless and driving higher conversion.

Increased quality

We’ve increased the coverage of our automated end-to-end (E2E) testing and code refactoring, making the code easier to read and customize.

Building the best online payment solution

Our aim is to build the best online payment solution that helps businesses scale. We’re constantly improving our offering to ensure businesses stay compliant with changing regulations and benefit from the newest features. Once a year, we do a major release. We also release minor updates and bug fixes more regularly. Stay up to date with our product releases by subscribing to our GitHub or product newsletter.

Learn more about our Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge in our docs

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