MINDBODY accelerates expansion with automated onboarding

One year ago, MINDBODY integrated with Adyen to support credit cards and local payment methods in more than 35 European countries.

MINDBODY is an online marketplace used by tens of thousands of health and wellness businesses in over 140 markets around the world. Together, Adyen and MINDBODY provide a fully integrated payments solution to businesses on the MINDBODY platform - for a range of local payment methods as well as credit cards. The latest payment method to be offered is iDEAL in the Netherlands, which is far more popular than credit cards for online transactions in the market.

In addition to local payment methods, what has also been really interesting is how MINDBODY has been able to accelerate the merchant onboarding process, meaning that businesses new to the MINDBODY platform can get set up and integrated quickly and easily.  

With Adyen's automated onboarding API, MINDBODY clients can now complete the merchant application directly through their MINDBODY site.  It now takes just a few minutes for merchants to enter their information, upon which we perform an automatic and exhaustive Know Your Customer (KYC) check, and if everything checks out, then merchants can get going in no time.

The automated onboarding API will be instrumental in allowing MINDBODY to scale quickly. Within just three months, MINDBODY has more merchants up and running in 15 countries across Europe, accepting cards and direct debit via one single technical integration.

To learn more about our onboarding API for marketplaces, contact us. And to read the full case study, click the link below:

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