Mastercard update: February 2017

New branding, modifications to Authorization Processing Integrity Fee programs, new Annual Merchant Location Fee in the US and new BIN range reminder.

Mastercard branding update

Mastercard has recently announced the availability of new Mastercard and Maestro brand marks.

Merchants accepting Mastercard cards must update their online acceptance brand marks and in-store decals following the guidelines below:

  • All new acceptance decals printed on or after April 4 2017 must include the new brand marks.
  • Merchants need to update their online acceptance marks and other digital brand applications before April 4 2017.

You can find all required new artwork and guidelines in the Mastercard Brand Center.

Authorization Processing Integrity Fee program modifications

Mastercard has updated the start date for the new Authorization Processing Integrity Fee programs for Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the US.

More background information on the processing requirements for Pre and Final authorizations can be found here

Fee type Fee Start date
Processing Integrity Fee – Not Reversed or Cleared Preauthorization USD 0.045 per authorization 14 May 2017
Processing Integrity Fee – Final Authorization Not Meeting Necessary Requirements The USD equivalent of 0.25% of the authorized amount with a minimum of USD 0.04 per authorization 4 June 2017

By default, Adyen flags all authorization requests as final authorizations. Flagging all transactions as pre-authorization is also possible via configuration on your account.

Adyen has dynamic flagging capabilities, which will enable you to flag transactions as pre-authorization or final authorization in specific cases; minimizing the extra scheme fee costs.

New Annual Merchant Location Fee

Mastercard has announced the introduction of a new Annual Merchant Location Fee in the US for POS merchants This new fee is an annual fee of USD 15 per physical store location, and will be collected by Adyen in 12 equal parts on a monthly basis (USD 1.25 per merchant location per month).

This new fee will be collected as of February 2017 via your invoice that you will receive in early March 2017. 

Fee type Fee Start date
Merchant Location Fee USD 15 per store location per year (invoiced on a monthly basis for each location) February 2017

Reminder: Mastercard 2-Series BIN

Mastercard is expanding its BIN ranges by introducing new 2-series (222100–272099) to support its increasing transaction volume and growing number of cardholders. Mastercard 2-Series BIN processing rules will follow the same logic and handling as the PANs within the (510000–559999) range.

The first cards will be issued using the new BIN range as of June 2017 and merchants should take the appropriate measures in order to recognize, accept, route, and process 2-Series BIN range.

What do you need to do if you are an Adyen merchant? 

Merchants using Adyen’s Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) and Adyen’s POS solution do not need to make any changes to accept the new Mastercard 2-Series BIN.

API and Client Side Encryption (CSE) merchants may need to make changes if they have any BIN related logic on their end. To ensure API and CSE-connected merchant readiness, Adyen requires you to perform the following steps: 

  • Please ensure with your IT departments and/or software suppliers that any BIN related logic on your end is adapted to accept the new Mastercard 2-Series BIN ranges.
  • CSE merchants using the Card Type detection addOn will need to upgrade to version 18 or higher of Adyen’s CSE Javascript library.

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