Mastercard scheme updates - April 2016

The latest key Mastercard scheme updates for Adyen merchants

This month, Mastercard is rolling out a new commercial product for business travel, and a new BIN range in Europe. 

New virtual card for business travel

Mastercard has introduced a new virtual card product (Mastercard B2B Product) , which is available for transactions related to business travel.  This gives travel merchants the ability to settle wholesale transactions anywhere in the world, at any given time. It has a flat interchange rate of 2 percent for domestic, interregional, and intra-regional transactions. 

The business categories in scope of this new card product are:
– MCC 4131 (Bus Lines)
– MCC 4582 (Airports, Airport Terminals, Flying Fields)
– MCC 4722 (Travel Agencies and Tour Operators)
– MCC 5962 (Direct Marketing—Travel-Related Arrangement Services)
– MCC 6513 (Real Estate Agents and Managers—Rentals)
– MCC 7032 (Recreational and Sporting Camps)
– MCC 7033 (Campgrounds and Trailer Parks)
– MCC 7012 (Timeshares)
– MCC 7298 (Health and Beauty Spas)
– MCC 7991 (Tourist Attractions and Exhibits)
– MCC 7997 (Clubs—Country Clubs, Membership [Athletic, Recreation, Sports],
Private Golf Courses)
– MCC 7999 (Recreation Services—not elsewhere classified)

New Mastercard BIN range in Europe

Mastercard is adding a new Bank Identification Number (BIN) range, effective on October 14th 2016. This means that from this date, Mastercard BIN numbers may also start with a ‘2’ in addition to the already existing BIN range starting with a ‘5’.

Adyen has already updated its system to support the new BIN range and is currently finalizing certification with Mastercard. A further update will be provided once the certification is completed.

If required, merchants must align any BIN related logic on their end to comply with Mastercard’s effective date.

For more information about any of the above, please contact your Account Manager or Adyen Support. 

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