Mastercard adds 2 Series BIN

Mastercard is adding a new Bank Identification Number (BIN) range, effective on October 14th 2016.

Mastercard is expanding its BIN ranges by introducing the new 2 series (222100–272099) to support its increasing transaction volume and growing number of cardholders. Mastercard 2 Series BIN processing rules will follow the same logic and handling as the PANs within the (510000–559999) range.

From October 14, 2016 Mastercard mandates Merchants, Acquirers and Service Providers to take the appropriate measures in order to recognize, accept, route, process and operate 2 Series BIN ranges.

In order to support this initiative, Adyen has completed the relevant Mastercard certification steps and our systems are ready to comply with this mandate. Adyen has also updated its test environment to facilitate merchant testing.

What you need to do if you’re an Adyen merchant
Merchants using Adyen’s Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) and Adyen’s POS solution do not need to make any changes on your end to accept the new Mastercard 2 Series BIN.

API and Client Side Encryption (CSE) merchants may need to make changes to comply with the October 14 deadline only if they have any BIN related logic on your end. To ensure API and CSE-connected merchant readiness, Adyen requires you to perform the following steps: 

  • Please ensure with your IT departments and/or software suppliers that any BIN related logic on your end is adapted to accept the new MasterCard 2 Series BIN ranges.
  • CSE merchants using the Card Type detection addOn will need to upgrade to version 18 or higher of Adyen’s CSE Javascript library.
  • Test against our test platform using the 2 BIN series test card available at .

Please contact your Account Manager or Adyen Support in case you have any questions or you require further assistance.

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