Introducing Visa’s new Card on File transaction type

Visa will introduce a new set of terms and rules for Card on File transactions.


Growth in digital commerce and development of new business models led to an increasing number of cardholder payment credentials (e.g. account number or token) being on file with merchants. 

Adyen currently supports this scenario with two setups:

  1. Shopper present transactions (or One-Click):
  2. Shopper not present transactions:

You can read our Recurring Manual here.

What changes?

As of 14 October 2017, Visa’s new transaction type called "Credential-on-File" (Card on File) will be mandatory for all merchant initiated stored credential transactions that don’t occur on a fixed schedule.

The new Visa identifiers allow issuers to identify that transactions take place in an existing merchant-cardholder relationship, instead of seeing them as one-off ecommerce transactions. This potentially increases authorization rates.

We’re designing a solution that minimizes impact to your integration, but ensures compliance with scheme rules. Depending on your current integration, you may be required to make changes to your integration with Adyen. The integration/API changes will be standard for all card traffic, not only Visa, in prevision of similar mandates being issued by other card Schemes.

Adyen will release the exact required integration changes in June 2017. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager.

Important dates:

  • Merchants will be deemed as non compliant if they don’t use the new transaction type as of October 2017. Non compliant assessment fees might be communicated in the future.

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