Introducing our new Salesforce Commerce Cloud payments cartridge

Streamline your business, and drive conversions with Adyen’s LINK cartridge for Commerce Cloud

We are excited to announce our brand new LINK cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

So what’s new? 

This integration will improve the payment experience, increase conversions and streamline your processes – freeing up valuable resources to focus on your customers. With this new cartridge you will be able to: 

Have total control of the checkout, without the burden of PCI 

Adyen’s Client Side Encryption integration let’s you host the entire payment on your site, eliminating the re-direct and keeping the experience seamless for the shopper. But the payment data never touches your servers, so your PCI workload is minimal. 

Make the payment easy, every time 

Drive conversions by automatically serving up a targeted choice of payment methods, based on the shopper’s location, basket value, and device they are using. So no matter where they are, the payment remains quick and easy.

In the example below, we see a checkout page tailored to a U.S. shopper, with Discover included in the list of payment options.

Reduce chargebacks without damaging conversions

Dynamically assign 3D Secure to transactions based on shopper location, basket value and other data-points. So you can block fraud and reduce chargebacks without adding unnecessary friction to the process.

This is in addition to the existing features, which include native support for Apple Pay for the Web and a connection to Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle. 

Rituals found that Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adyen work in unison to accelerate their global growth.

Delivering beautifully unified experiences with Rituals

Rituals partnered with Adyen to manage ecommerce payments across the globe, enabling the company to deliver a unified experience, regardless of shopper location or preferred payment method. 

Rituals found that Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adyen work in unison to accelerate their global growth. Commerce Cloud gave Rituals the power to quickly bring web storefronts online as it expanded to new regions. And, with the flip of a switch, Adyen enabled Rituals to deliver localized payment options to each of these storefronts. 

Crucially, Rituals could leverage the same LINK integration without incremental work.

A robust, scalable integration

Adyen is a SCC Certified Technology Partner, and we are fully compatible with JS Controllers, guaranteeing a seamless integration into your storefront. Our dedicated in-house support team is with you every step of the way to ensure your rollout runs smoothly, without disrupting your shoppers.

And we never stop improving. We are part of a large community of integrators and development agencies, with whom we collaborate, to ensure ongoing optimization, which benefits all businesses on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

To learn more about Adyen’s payments cartridge for Commerce Cloud, click below: 

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