Interchange Fees Update for Europe (January 2015)

In key interchange fee updates this month, MasterCard will gradually reduce its domestic UK consumer credit card interchange fees.

The changes will occur over five stages beginning around April 1, 2015 – and this will have a significant impact on merchant costs.

MasterCard Interchange Domestic Fee in the UK

Due to MasterCard’s reduction on the interchange rate, merchants will potentially be able to make savings of up to 60% on their MasterCard consumer credit card interchange costs in the UK. However, please note that these savings will depend on several factors, including ATV, card types, and transaction type.

Other Europe interchange updates from MasterCard and Visa

In addition to the Interchange reduction on domestic UK consumer credit cards, MasterCard is making changes to interchange fees in Malta, Denmark, and Poland, and Visa is making changes in Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Poland.

To find out the details about all the above changes, including interchange fee categories, rates, dates, and more, download our January Interchange Fee Update below. Or for our most recent previous update, click here: MasterCard and Visa Fee Updates for Europe - November 2014.

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