Interchange Fees in Europe (June 2014)

Adyen applies an Interchange+ pricing model for credit card processing.

This means that when there are changes to the interchange fees, Adyen passes the savings directly to its customers.

Transparency and Cost Benefits

The Interchange+ approach has two key benefits:

  • Because the exact cost price per transaction is reported, Credit Card costs are fully transparent to the merchant.
  • The model almost always gives the merchant the lowest total costs for handling incoming Credit Card payment traffic. (This is because with a blended rate Merchants usually pay a bigger margin as the blend will have to generate a margin even on those transactions with the highest cost price.) 

Recent Changes to Interchange Fees in Europe

In Q2 2014, there were a number of changes to Visa and MasterCard interchange fees across Europe, which occurred due to extensive lobbying by the EU with the Card Schemes to reduce fees for merchants.

If you would like a better understanding on how these amendments impact the interchange fees for your business, please contact your Adyen Account Manager.

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