How Bolt unlocked additional revenue with pioneering payments

Driving business growth with payments innovation

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Businesses today need payment solutions that evolve as quickly as they do. Around the world, brands are pro-actively seeking payment partners that can keep pace with market changes to deliver the highest level of security and consumer protections, while enhancing, rather than hindering, the user experience.

Adyen has been working closely with Visa to drive its innovation program and provide market-leading payment optimization solutions directly to its business customers. With token and 3D secure (3DS) solutions, businesses can streamline their online checkout experience and enjoy greater levels of efficiency, fraud protection, and transaction success.

Bolt, a leading mobility super-app , is one of the businesses unlocking additional revenue through Adyen and Visa’s payments innovation. Since implementing network tokens and 3DS, they have benefitted from lower transaction costs, reduced fraud, increased authorization rates, and a significant uplift in revenue.

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