How Adyen helped Casper build a dream pop-up business

Get a glimpse inside Casper’s imaginative brick-and-mortar retail experiment.

Sleep may seem like an unlikely business to disrupt.

But Casper, the New York City ecommerce company best known for its memory foam mattress-in-a-box, is doing just that.

What started in 2014 as a website selling mattresses has expanded into a full line of sleep-related products.

Last fall Casper also opened 15 pop-up stores in major cities across North America, teaming up with Adyen to create a unique point of sale system inside the pop-ups. “The idea for a physical presence has actually always been in our DNA,” says Elinor Shram, Experience Design Manager at Casper.

"Adyen basically allowed us to take the best parts of our website and bring them to retail"

We looked inside one of these imaginative shops (complete with nap pods in the shape of giant bird houses) to see how Casper is taking its retail presence to the next level.

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Building a point of sale (which Casper calls “point of sleep”) system inside the pop-up shops started with Casper’s website.

Before Adyen, Casper employees were wandering around the shops carrying laptops and checking out customers using the same steps as though they were placing an online order.

"That clunky system caused plenty of backlog, especially for store staff at the end of the day" says Shram.

Casper came to Adyen in search of a system that wasn’t bloated with steps designed for ecommerce, one that would allow floor managers to make a minimum number of decisions. "Adyen basically allowed us to take the best parts of our website and bring them to retail,” says Shram.

In the end, the seamless payments system let staff at the pop-up shops focus on their interactions with customers.

“A mattress is a really considered purchase,” she says. “It really hinges on that conversation that you have with the store associate... the ability to have that conversation anywhere in the store makes it so much more natural and makes it easier.”

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