Grow your revenue in France with multi-acquirer routing

In France, Visa, MasterCard, and Carte Bancaire (a French card scheme) account for the majority of online payment volume in the market.

And almost all of these cards are Carte Bancaire cards co-branded with either Visa or MasterCard.

Because Adyen is an acquirer in France both for the international networks (Visa and MasterCard) and for Carte Bancaire (the local card network) we are able to offer a dynamic combination of local and cross-border acquiring that chooses the best route for each transaction in real-time.

Dynamic, multi-acquirer routing benefits businesses in a number of ways, including giving the ability to:

  • Dynamically switch between networks, following continuous analysis on BIN level and risk checks. 
  • Re-route transactions if a certain card network is down, thereby guaranteeing the maximum up-time. 
  • Automatically retry certain refused transactions thereby boosting authorization rates and improving customer experience.

This unique feature means that businesses operating in France benefit from the best possible authorization rates with the lowest possible fees.

To guide you through French card networks and explain how you can drive revenue with a multi-acquiring approach, we have created the French Acquiring Guide, which is available to download below. 

If you have any questions, or would like to apply for a test account to see how Adyen can help transform payments into a revenue generator for your business, contact us.

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