Grow in Germany with Giropay

Germany offers huge potential for ecommerce businesses looking to grow internationally.

In addition to being a large, developed "open" market, research by Edgar, Dunn & Company reveals that local shoppers are typically open to purchasing from international websites. 

For businesses looking to expand into Germany, an important consideration is that local payment methods account for 46% of online shopping.  

One of the most popular of these local payment methods is Giropay, an interbank system supported by most major financial institutions and accessible by more than 40 million shoppers.

This makes it a must-have for ecommerce businesses looking to enter the German market. 

Giropay is easy to set up and merchants will benefit from real-time transaction confirmation, secure payments and fraud protection.

It is already supported by many Adyen customers including: Indiegogo and The Next Web.

We have created The Giropay Payment Method Guide to provide insight into how Giropay works with desktop and mobile payments, complete with illustrated shopper payment flow.

To find out more about Giropay, click on the link below.

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