Boost your business in Belgium with Bancontact

Belgian merchants can now process local and cross-border multi-channel sales from one platform – with Adyen.

Good news for businesses operating in Belgium. Our direct connection to Bancontact will allow merchants to accept BC payments at the point of sale, on mobile and online. This includes crucial functionalities such as automated refunds. 

With 15 million in circulation, there are currently more Bancontact cards than there are Belgians! This makes it the market leader both online and at the point of sale. 

Adyen has built an entirely new set of rails, which connects directly to the card schemes.

The direct connection with BC is an example of our unique approach to payments. Traditionally companies relied on old technologies, involving several intermediaries – which is neither efficient nor cost-effective.

Adyen on the other hand, built an entirely new set of rails, which connects directly to the card schemes. With this, merchants can achieve higher conversion rates with greater stability and more uptime. Additionally they will benefit from better market conditions and quality of service.

Further, companies operating internationally across multiple channels no longer need multiple contracts for multiple banks across different countries and channels. With Adyen it is possible to consolidate everything to one single contract and one set of reporting. 

This meets a real need in Belgium as Adyen is the first omnichannel payment solution able to help merchants that need to find a simple, direct and flexible solution for all channels.

Deliver an optimized mobile shopping experience.

It is vital that businesses are able to keep up-to-date with customer expectations, and increasingly this means payment methods optimized for mobile.

In Belgium, mobile accounts for 20% of the country’s total online payments and BC reports 38% mobile share. These figures will only increase as mobile shopping becomes more widespread.

Adyen has been processing mobile payments for many years now, and is in a good position to help merchants operating in Belgium to deliver an optimized mobile shopping experience to both local and international shoppers.

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