Adyen Magento Plug-in Updates (October 2014)

We've been working hard on updating our Magento offering. Here's what's new this month!


We commit all our newly built features immediately on GitHub. You can follow our GitHub commits by watching or starring our Magento repository. This way you stay up to date about all our new features and releases. Also, if you have any feature requests you can create an issue and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. It's also possible to open the fork and commit your own code changes. View the Adyen Magento repository here.

Cash register solution

In the last release, we made our plug-in an omni-channel solution by adding support for the Adyen Shuttle. With this release we've taken an extra step to make Magento a cash register solution by adding scan functionality (to scan barcodes), and an express checkout button that instantaneously creates an order and activates the Adyen Shuttle to make the payment.

Other major features

  • Show One-click payments in Magento checkout
  • Added SEPA as a new API payment method 
  • Add discount for the payment method open invoice (Klarna/Afterpay)
  • Optimized the UI in the payment step for the default OnePage checkout and the OneStepCheckout module for even better conversion

Minor features & fixes

  • Credit card installments can now be set up for each credit card type
  • Installment rate (in %) is now added to the installment setup
  • For Klarna it is now possible to show date of birth and gender only when you select payment method open invoice
  • Boleto auto fill first name and last name
  • Multicurrency problem with API Payments solved
  • Show reservation number for Klarna and AfterPay in the payment information of the order
  • Directory lookup call to retrieve the payment methods shown in the payment step can now be cached for better performance
  • Payment methods can now be sorted in the front end
  • Plug-in version number and links for setting up now visible in configuration section Adyen General settings
  • For payment method Klarna and AfterPay the fields are disabled on the Adyen HPP
  • Add AfterPay logo in Magento checkout
  • Payment methods in the checkout give back the language-specific payment method text
  • Add the possibility to make MOTO api payments through the Magento back office

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