Adyen Magento Plug-in Updates (January 2015)

We’re pleased to announce that version 2.2.0 of the Adyen Payment Module for Magento is now available on GitHub and Magento Connect.

Key new feature - automatic selection of credit card brand

The key new feature in 2.2.0 (click here for Github and here for Magento Connect) is that shoppers no longer need to select their credit card type. Instead, as the shopper begins to type in their credit card number, the Adyen Module automatically detects and selects the credit card brand, making a smoother payment experience for the shopper. The image below shows a mock payment screen with Visa automatically selected:

Features (# is number in GitHub)

In addition to automatic credit card selection, 2.2.0 comes with the following new features:

  • Added translation files for Spanish, French, German, and Dutch #127 
  • Cash Drawer support for epson ePOS-Device #181
  • Added Elo and Hipercard to CreditCard types #174
  • Show number of installments in payment details of the order #175
  • Encrypt password fields in configuration settings #170
  • Option to add phonenumber field only for the OpenInvoice payment method #168 
  • Show fraudscore in Magento (if you have this setup for your account or if you have Adyen CC payment method enabled) #113 
  • Show by default Ideal payment method as a list instead of logos (can be changed in the settings) #144 
  • Added payment logos for all payment methods #140 
  • Pre fill country for Payment Method SEPA based on Billing Information #149 
  • Added ipfilter for payment method Adyen POS #157 
  • Create a new Client-Side Encryption Public Key for test #150 
  • Added extra setting so you can can define a different status for Downloadable products #114 
  • Option to send out confirmation mail for banktransfer/SEPA before payment is received #165 
  • Added CSE support for IWD One Page Checkout #176 
  • Added Filter on N.A in Adyen Status column of sales order grid #154 

Fixes  (# is number in GitHub)

  • IOS CheckSum Fix For POS payments #152 
  • Update scripts now support tables that have prefixes #172 
  • Admin Order is now showing Total Due and Total Refunded #169 
  • Change logic for Capture so it will shoot in an api call to Adyen when you use the magento API capture #126 
  • Orders could not be cancelled if they are not Adyen Payments this is fixed #158 
  • Database Optimization for better performance #151 #155 
  • pspref link in magento backend goes directly to payment instead of the list with filtering on this pep reference #130 
  • Don’t throw exception when there are no payment methods for Adyen HPP payment method #121 
  • Use for after pay afterpay_default payment method instead of old open invoice integration #117 
  • Fix validation for Diners cards #115 
  • OneStepCheckout problems switching between native magento payment method and adyen payment method #148 

Follow us on GitHub!

We commit all our newly built features immediately on GitHub. You can follow our GitHub commits by watching or starring our Magento repository. This way you stay up to date about all our new features and releases. Also, if you have any feature requests you can create an issue and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. It's also possible to open the fork and commit your own code changes. View the Adyen Magento repository here

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