Adyen integrates with Zuora

Integration enables merchants using Zuora to accept subscription and recurring payments for cards and SEPA Direct Debit

Our new partnership with subscription management software company Zuora will enable merchants to support recurring billing and subscription payments worldwide.

With the integration, merchants using Zuora can now plug in directly to our global solution to switch on recurring payments. 

Expand in Europe with SEPA Direct Debit

In addition to card payments, we enable businesses to support SEPA Direct Debit, the main direct debit payment method within the EU.

“Adyen provides a flexible payments solution that fits our needs, and we’ve seen a meaningful uplift in paid conversions since we launched Zuora.” - Jason Kelles, COO, Busuu

This is particularly valuable for businesses expanding in Europe, as many shoppers in the region prefer to pay with debit rather than credit cards.

In the near future, we will also add support for key market-specific payment methods such as iDEAL (Netherlands) and SOFORT (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria).

Seamless reporting and reconciliation

There’s no additional integration required to accept these payment methods, and we are one of the few payment technology providers to have fully integrated reporting and reconciliation with Zuora.

So once you're connected to Zuora after you become a customer with us, simply drop account details into the back end of Zuora, type in the credentials we provide, and you’re ready to go, with no additional work or resources needed.

This means you can track all your refunds and chargebacks from one place.

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