Adyen expands payments solution in APAC with Singapore acquiring license

Expanding to Asia or growing in APAC? Here’s how your business can benefit.

We are pleased to announce an expansion of our payment processing offering in Singapore with a direct credit card acquiring license for Visa and Mastercard.

This follows Adyen’s expansion of direct acquiring in Europe, the United States, Brazil, Australia and Hong Kong. From September 2017, Adyen will extend direct Singapore acquiring to merchants already leveraging our end-to-end payments solution in APAC.

What this means for businesses

Because Adyen manages the whole payment flow, its direct connection to Visa and Mastercard will enable businesses to process transactions locally via Adyen’s platform, offering our merchants revenue optimization, richer data insights and greater business resilience.

A home base in APAC

Singapore is the perfect strategic center for businesses expanding their presence in Asia. Useful for Singapore-based businesses, as well as businesses looking to capture an audience across APAC with cross-border processing, Adyen’s direct acquiring solutions will open up new opportunities for offering card payments across Asia.

Say goodbye to third party fees and low performance

Our direct credit card acquiring capability makes it possible for businesses to benefit from the best acceptance and authorization rates. By eliminating the need to run payments across multiple third party platforms, we are better able to help businesses in APAC achieve complete control of their payment process and revenue.

No added fees, faster processing time, more authorized transactions

Adyen’s solution is built and managed in-house, offering customers a single platform to manage the entire payment flow.

Our direct high volume connection to Visa and Mastercard means that from the moment the customer hits 'pay', to settling the amount in the business' account, there will be no third parties, no added transaction fees, and less processing time.

Better yet, with our global acquiring solution, merchants can take advantage of our streamlined solution for maximum business benefits.

Adyen was founded on a vision that optimizing the payment cycle would lead to greater benefits for both merchants and end customers.

Besides Facebook, Spotify, Netflix and L’Oreal, we also count brands including Sephora, Grab, RedMart, oBike and Fave among our merchants.

From ecommerce, mobile to in-store payments, Adyen’s platform can be fully integrated to suit your business needs.

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