Adyen connects directly to Visa and Mastercard in the US

Merchants can now manage online, mobile and point of sale payments in the US from Adyen’s unified payments solution.

Goodbye multiple contracts, and goodbye fragmented systems and duplicate set-ups.

We have built a brand new payments infrastructure.

Adyen has an entirely new approach to payments, which has now come into full force in the US. Instead of connecting to old systems, which involve multiple 3rd parties, we have built a brand new payments infrastructure from the ground up. This means we handle the entire process, including connecting directly to Visa and MasterCard, without the payment ever leaving our platform.

So, with just one contract, merchants can now manage US-based mobile, point of sale and online payments from the same solution, and view all cross-channel payment data, from multiple geographies, from one dashboard.

Further, this direct connection to the card schemes gives us access to a wealth of transaction data, which we use to help merchants optimize the payment flow to ensure the best result for each transaction.

Transform payments into a revenue generator.

Going live with our direct connection to Visa/Mastercard in the US is central to our core principal: To provide a brand new set of rails which bypasses legacy systems and uses data to optimize payments, transforming them from a cost center to a revenue generator.

We already have this connection live across Europe and in Australia, and adding the US broadens the scope for merchants still further. 

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