Accept UnionPay SecurePlus with Adyen

Sephora partners with Adyen to be the first to offer SecurePlus to Hong Kong customers.

UnionPay recently launched SecurePlus, a new product that enables you to accept authenticated UnionPay debit and credit card payments globally.

We are delighted to announce that you can now offer SecurePlus with Adyen.

Sephora is blazing a trial, partnering with Adyen to support UnionPay SecurePlus via its online Hong Kong store.

"We are thrilled to be the first retailer to offer UnionPay SecurePlus."

“As validation of Adyen’s local know-how and our close working relationship, we are thrilled to be the first retailer to offer UnionPay SecurePlus on our ecommerce site in Hong Kong." Alexis Horowitz-Burdick, Managing Director of Sephora SEA Digital.

China is the biggest ecommerce opportunity in the world both in terms of number of customers and transaction value. And a market in which customers are particularly open to making purchases from international websites. This makes it one of the most attractive countries for international brands to sell to.

With 6 billion cards issued, UnionPay is a key payment method to reach the critical mass of Chinese customers.

Advantages of SecurePlus

UnionPay SecurePlus offers a number of advantages for businesses.

Seamless payment flow

Previously, UnionPay offered different products to accept credit and debit cards, and for debit, your customers were redirected to a UnionPay payment page.

With SecurePlus, both debit and credit payment flows happen within your website, as outlined in the payment flow below:

1. Select payment method on the merchant website

2. Enter card number (also on the merchant website)

3. Authenticate the shopper (optional, also on merchant website)

With no redirect, this seamless flow will increase conversion at the checkout when compared to current UnionPay integrations.

Improved customer authentication

With Adyen, SecurePlus is complemented by our Risk-Based Authentication solution, a part of RevenueProtect.

This allows you to avoid asking your customer to authenticate their identity, in case the risk level assessed for that transaction is under a threshold defined by your business.

If active authentication is required, a one-time password (OTP) is sent via SMS to your customer, for both desktop and mobile transactions.

The ability to authenticate your customer is a huge advantage, as the potential to manage fraud effectively will be significantly increased, and the likelihood of shipping products to a fraudster reduced, having a positive impact on the bottom line.

Recurring payments for credit cards

In line with current UnionPay solutions, SecurePlus enables recurring payments for credit cards, and debit cards will soon be added on an issuer-by-issuer basis.

Combined with Adyen tools and insights to ensure that payments become a revenue generator for subscription businesses, this is a big opportunity for global subscription businesses to tap the enormous Chinese market. 

With Adyen, you have access to the full suite of built-in tools to maximize conversion and minimize risk, including our risk management system RevenueProtect and RevenueAccelerate.

As a domestic acquirer for UnionPay in all major markets, and a cross-border acquirer for China and India, we offer a full service UnionPay solution, including reconciliation, reporting and settlement services, with settlement currencies such as CNH, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, SGD, and USD.

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