Accept Android Pay, in-app and in-store with Adyen

Android Pay provides a simple, secure way for customers to pay direct from their Android phones.

As this year’s holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, one thing is clear: the smartphone is rapidly becoming many shoppers’ favorite device.

Smartphones now account for almost 65% of mobile payments globally, with Android claiming nearly 63% of smartphone shipments in the US, and over half of smartphone shipments in the UK.

With this in mind, Google announced Android Pay in apps.

Android Pay is a simple, secure way to pay for services and goods from a shopper’s Android phone. It's pre-installed on all Android phones running Kitkat (v4.4) and later.

Easily accept Android Pay

Adyen makes it easy for merchants to quickly and securely enable Android Pay for their businesses.

With Android Pay, shoppers pay and check out in apps with just a tap, without having to continually enter payment and delivery information.

This means less friction, and a better buying experience.

Since Adyen provides a single platform that powers payments online and in stores, you can also leverage Adyen to accept Android Pay in stores.

Our POS payments solutions fully support EMV chipcards, which include contactless payments from Android Pay via near-field communications (NFC).

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