5 things you need to know about Aussie shoppers

Among APAC’s highest spenders, Australian shoppers will be vital to local and global businesses in the years to come.

In August 2017, we commissioned a survey of over 1,000 Australian consumers aged 16 to 55+ to gain insight into their shopping habits, motivations and payment preferences.

Download the Future of Retail Australia report to view the insights we uncovered, or have a look at the 5 key take-outs first:

1. In-store shopping is still hugely popular

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping with 70% of Australians shopping online, most consumers prefer the in-store experience.

Our study revealed that 54% still think in-store shopping is the best. Not only do they think it’s a great social activity, but Aussies like getting the sales assistants’ opinion too.

Think in-store shopping is old school? Millennials and Gen Z shoppers are surprisingly the largest groups of shoppers who prefer visiting brick-and-mortar stores and are also the biggest spenders across many product categories.

2. Long queues are a showstopper

Did you know that the average Australian spends over five and a half hours waiting in line every month, with the most time spent queuing at the supermarket? Which is probably why everyone is anticipating Amazon’s entrance to Australia.

63% abandoned their shopping carts in-store because the line is too long.

41% say long queues are the biggest frustration when shopping in-store, and 63% have abandoned their shopping carts because the line was simply too long. Will taking your store online help? Get our report now for the full insights.

3. Free delivery and shorter checkouts, please

If you’re looking to improve conversion rates on your ecommerce store, just take a look at the top 5 reasons why shoppers are abandoning their online carts:

  • 52% – high delivery costs
  • 32% – lengthy online payment process
  • 31% – lack of relevant payment options
  • 30% – concerns over security of online payments
  • 27% – unexpected fees added to chosen payment method

4. You’re unique – just like everyone else

When shoppers can’t find what they want either online or in-store, most of them simply search for another retailer to buy the same or similar item.

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest reasons for drop-offs and it happens mostly because stock has run out.

Once items are out of stock, 30% of shoppers bought from another retailer in-store and 23% bought from another retailer online.

5. Unified commerce provides the best experience

Consumers don’t think about sales channels. To them, it’s simply shopping.

They expect retailers to have endless aisles where the items they love will never be out of stock. Unified commerce helps retailers easily link physical and digital shop fronts.

Plus, learn about what Aussies think of social shopping, celebrity endorsement and more – all inside our Future of Retail Australia report.

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