5 things we learned from The World Cup

While some of us are in it for the football, others love it for the data. Here are 5 things we learned during the World Cup around retail and ecommerce.

1. Football gets in the way of online shopping

Graph of the game time and the ecommerce transactions

During matches, we saw a 35% drop in online transactions in the countries of the teams involved. The below graph demonstrates an average of transactions during evening games.

2. Tokenized payments increased by ~10x during later games

Shoppers aren’t messing around with their wallets when there’s a penalty shootout. Instead, people are using their stored card data to order taxis home, food delivery and more.

3. Use promotions to attract consumers

Graph showing increase in transactions during the game

Brazilian businesses used promotions during their game against Costa Rica and… it worked.

4. Germany doesn’t hang around after the game

Graph showing increase in taxi riders directly after the game finished for Germany

We saw immediate spikes in Taxi bookings and online food orders straight after the final whistle.

5. France partied like it was 1998…

Graph showing the difference in purchases between France and the rest of the world

Compared with the rest of the world, France stood still and enjoyed their moment. #allezlesbleus

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