123RF: Making global expansion as easy as 1-2-3

Discover how and why stock content agency 123RF chose Adyen in its regional and global expansion.

Malaysian startup 123RF is a name that global marketing and advertising agencies, as well as enterprises, are familiar with.

To bring its ever-growing library of stunning stock images and videos to a worldwide audience, 123RF chose Adyen as its payments partner in July 2016 and processing volumes have been rising ever since.

Its increasing global presence has also prompted 123RF to offer an array of local payment methods such as Qiwi and Sofort on top of popular card payments.

“We have to consider the various payment methods that our customers from different countries prefer." - Anthony Chan, Financial Controller, 123RF

Choosing a payments partner with global presence

Now part of the Inmagine Group, 123RF was set up in 2005 and currently has 40 offices all over the world.

As one of the world’s largest stock content image provider, understanding the needs of a diverse world of photo buyers is important.

“Each country has its own payment preferences. We have to consider the various payment methods that our customers from different countries prefer. Having a payments partner that understands all that, and can provide these payments methods, is crucial for us,” says Anthony Chan, Financial Controller of 123RF.

Global stock content agency 123RF works with Adyen to cater to the diverse payment needs of photo buyers worldwide

“What’s interesting is that different companies have their own ways of working too. Some of our customers prefer monthly billing or installments that’s easy for cash flow, while others opt for lump sum payments for additional savings,” he adds.

Eliminating risk and maximizing revenue

Like many modern online businesses, fraudulent transactions are a concern for 123RF – an area it works with Adyen to manage.

Risk rules are different across the globe. If the same anti-fraud rules were applied throughout the various countries of operation, businesses could be blocking legitimate transactions too, leading to revenue loss.

Building intelligent risk profiles with every transaction, our risk management system RevenueProtect helps businesses find the perfect balance between fraud prevention and frictionless payments experiences.

While stopping fraudulent shoppers, it also makes shopping and paying quicker and easier for loyal customers.

Adyen's RevenueProtect helps businesses like 123RF strike the balance between fraud prevention and sales conversion

RevenueProtect’s fully customizable engine lets 123RF adjust the risk rules as needed so that it maximizes its revenue while safeguarding its business against fraud.

“The team is constantly exploring ways to maximize our revenue. Besides RevenueProtect, we also move our processing from one country to another when business volume increases there. This is something only a global payments partner like Adyen is able to assist us with, and we are happy with the results so far,” says Wong Eng Eng, Senior Finance Manager of 123RF.

“Plus, whenever we need help, we can always reach the Adyen team – whether it’s calling the account manager or the technical support team.”

With Adyen, less is more

“With so many great functions available, the Adyen platform is surprisingly easy to use and reporting is so much easier than before. I spend less time doing reports, sales consolidation and tracking,” says Eng Eng.

"Whenever we need help, we can always reach the Adyen team." - Wong Eng Eng, Senior Finance Manager, 123RF

Our solution offers 123RF greater convenience when it comes to global payments.

As Anthony adds, “We’ve managed to trim the number of payment gateways our IT team used to support. We’re thrilled to have Adyen onboard as everything is more centralized; and a dashboard that provides some key metrics at one glance makes things much simpler.”

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